This page contains links to source code of various kind that I wrote through the ages and deem meaningful of publication on the internet.

Hysteresis threshoding

Language: C
Requirements: Matlab
This function takes as parameters a grayscale image (real valued matrix of size x*w*1) and two thresholds (low and high), and returns the hysteresis thresholded version.

Hysteresis thresholding performs the following:

- every value below tLo is set to 0
- every value above tHi is set to 1
- the rest of the pixels are set to 1 if they are 4-way connected to any other 1-valued blob (area), 0 otherwise

It should be pretty straightforward to implement an 8-way connection check, if you want.

To compile and use perform the following:
mex hysteresis.c

This file is available under two licenses BSD (via MatlabCentral) and zLib (here)